• Where We Are

    10AM-11:30, 5/14, and then every Sunday beginning in June. We hope to see you here! Or, you can call us with questions: 408-378-4418.

  • What to Expect

    Each church is different; here's what you'll get with us.


    The music during worship is reflective of our congregation: a combination of traditional and contemporary. Some hymns are in the books, and some are on the screens, but all are led by our capable song leaders. We have a piano, an SATB choir, and an upright bass. You can sing, sway or dance... or you can just listen! Our professional sound system makes it easy to hear, without being too loud.


    Some of our members wear suits; others wear jeans. It's really just about your comfort, and no one is going to critique you for how you choose to come to the house of God.


    We're a small church, which means that everyone has a say in how things are run. We're no megachurch--no flashy lights, drum solos or twenty-person ministry teams--but we're like a family here. Everyone helps, everyone is invested, and if you visit us, expect to be greeted warmly!


    Our Sunday school is headed up by professionals with years of experience with kids of all ages; as of right now (5/10), we have one Sunday school class, which contains 3 kids around age 11. Soon, because we have some (very!) new babies, we will be splitting them up into Youth and Toddler programs! Usually we do the Children's Sermon, then send the kids off with our Sunday school teachers. When kids would rather stay with their parents, that's OK too!

    Parking/ Accessibility

    We have our own lot, which is shared with another community church and is clearly marked off. The sanctuary is fully wheelchair accessible.