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    Faith without works is... well. You know the rest.

    Food Pantry

    Feeding our brothers and sisters

    The Campbell UCC Food Pantry shows God’s love by supplying emergency and supplemental food to those who need it. Some clothing items and toiletries are also available. Donations come from our parishioners and are tax deductible. Open to the public T/ Th 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and Sat 10:00 AM to Noon.

    Bible Study

    A learning community

    Bible study is on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, at 6PM in the Fireside Room. Discussions tend to be about progressive faith, and how to live it out in a polarized world. Anyone is welcome, no prior attendance required. Join us for the intellectual side of faith!

    Community Theatre

    The good kind of drama at church!

    Silicon Valley may be the tech center of the world, but we have a lot of talented performers who are itching to share a stage around here too! Rehearsing, doing tech, and generally spending time together around a community production is one of the best ways we know of to build fellowship.


    "Twelve Angry Women"-- "Twelve Angry Men," but with an all-female (and men who can play women!) cast-- will be performed on 3/24 and 3/25, we will have roundtable discussions about the nature of consensus and the justice system. Contact us for more details.

    Also, check out the fabulous front-page review of "A Christmas Carol" in The Campbell Express! Yes, we are stars. No, we won't forget where we came from.

    Book Club

    Coffee and books... ah, bliss

    Part of our mission at CUCC is social-justice-related, and the way we begin to make the world better is by educating ourselves. We are currently meeting from 12-2PM at the Snake and Butterfly every Saturday to read from Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow. We spend the first hour reading, and the next hour or so processing/ discussing. No homework--or previous attendance--required!

    Movie Nights

    Social justice discussions over $25 Raisinets

    The stories that are told to our culture shape where we go next, so movies are a great way to start discussions about what it means to be a person of faith in the modern world. Every few weeks we get together to see a film, and afterwards, some of us hang out and discuss it. Contact Lauren, or see our Facebook page, for details about the next screening.

    Affiliated Ministries

    More ways to do the work

    Some of our members are doing extraordinary things to being the Kingdom of God into the world! And as a church of the UCC, we’re part of a network of folks who know that God is not only present in worship, but on the beach, in our jails, and on the street.

    Poetry Behind Bars
    Blue Theology

  • Prayer Request

    Don't be afraid to reach out.